Chemtards Dumbfounded Over Ground Level Contrails

Stupid people on the interwebz (chemtards) today were completely baffled to see what they would call “chemtrails” appearing behind wind turbines.


For years, sky-watchers have been saying that contrails don’t exist it’s just a government made up word to hide chemtrails or that contrails should dissipate within seconds. So when chemtards saw an image of persisting contrails forming  behind wind turbines, they were completely dumbstruck.

We spoke to one chemtard who asked to remain anonymous (Pete Jameson), and asked how was this possible? He said “haarp scalar waves and fish eye lens”. Were not completely sure what that meant but he appeared pleased with his response.

Although this is a rare phenomenon, we thought that maybe the atmospheric conditions surrounding the wind turbines was similar to the atmospheric conditions at cruising altitude and maybe this phenomenon is what causes contrails to appear behind jets.

Sounds completely plausible to us here at ConspiracyChronicle but chemtards still deny the existence of contrails even thought they can see them with their own eyes and over 100 years of sound and well understood and demonstrated science backs up the existence of persisting contrails.

One thought on “Chemtards Dumbfounded Over Ground Level Contrails

  1. Spelling, man, spelling.


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