Chemtrails Blamed For Bendy Neck Syndrome

Top scientists at the WHO (World Health Organisation) released a statement today in reference to Bendy Neck Syndrome which has gripped the world ever since around the mid 90’s.

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In the statement top Scientist Hanz Frinkledurkstein said there is no longer any doubt that Bendy Neck Syndrome is related to Chemtrails and more specifically from sky-watchers “looking up” far too much.

Frinkledurkstein went on to say that while it’s ok to “look up” sometimes, looking up for 15-20 hours a day can weaken the neck  resulting in the Bendy Neck Syndrome.



Dr Frinkledurkstein said that there no cure for the condition which is devastating the lives of Chemtrail believers destroying their ability to look up and peruse their “investigations”.


Adam John Shillings reporting

Conspiracy chronicle

Chronicling Conspiracies


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