New Evidence Suggest Morgellons Killed off the Dinosaurs

Top Scientists from Top Science organisations have discovered new evidence that links the extinction of the dinosaurs to the dreaded Morgellons disease.

The controversial evidence was welcomed by the Morgellons foundation and the so-called truther movement with open arms.

The new evidence surfaced during an excavation (dino dig) in Papua New Guinea. Top paleontologist Dr Richard Tit tells us more.

“I was there digging up stuff with my shovel and suddenly I found this here T-Rex bone (pictured below.)” As you can see there are indents, strange markings on this bone and we Top Scientists believe this to be self inflicted scratch markings. Everybody knows that Morgellons disease causes it’s victims to scratch uncontrollably leaving scratch marks on the skin, so we believe this to be that.”



Given the compelling and convincing nature of this new evidence, Top Scientists  are now convinced 100% that Morgellons disease is the leading cause of the dinosaurs extinction. May god rest their souls.


Adam Shillings

Conspiracy Chronicle

Chronicling Conspiracies

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