Chemtrails Chemicals Disfiguring People Worldwide

Reports are coming in from around the world of chemical chemtrail cocktails disfiguring peoples faces. People are being warned not to go outside when there are clouds in the sky, not to take unnecessary journeys.

Peter from Chicago (pictured below) only went outside for a mere 30 seconds and this is the result. Peter sent us in his selfie immediately after being exposed to the chemtrails chemical cocktail which apparently contained gooey semen. Top Scientists are unsure whether it was human or pig semen.



Jamima from San Francisco who works at a Mc Donalds drive through only peeked outside her service window for 2-3 seconds to take an order from a customer. As you can see (below) the results are horrific. Jamima will be out of work for at least 2 weeks due to the chemtrail exposure and is suing  secret society “THEY” or “THEM” for loss of earnings.



Pipa from Sydney Australia (down under) didn’t even leave her house. Some chemtrail chemicals gusts blew into her open bedroom window while she was sleeping and landed on the right side of her face. Pipa’s modeling career will be put on hold for at least 4 weeks due to this inconvenience.



Frank (pictured below) from London England was mowing his lawn when the chemtrails fell from the sky and landed on his head. Frank now requires many hours of dental reconstruction.



Seamus (below of course) from Glasgow Scotland was dining  with his fiance on the peer when he met his faith. Photo’s are being sent in from right around the globe.


If you want to help stop chemtrails, contact your local nefarious criminal secret group “THEY” or “THEM” and tell them to stop.



3 thoughts on “Chemtrails Chemicals Disfiguring People Worldwide

  1. Woooow you fuckers! We now rely on chem-trails to keep the Earth cool. I admit this blog is funny but no joking matter..


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