Is this the most evil woman on the Internet?



She goes by the name of Julia Coolia Riskin. She frequents the David Icke group and we believe shes the most evil woman on the planet. She uses her good looks and irresistible charm to manipulate thousands of man and women. And whats more, she’s a JEW !!!!


Ms Riskin pretends she suffers from some magical unheard of medical condition to worm her way into the hearts of her unsuspecting victims. She’s like a despicable Jewish vampire without a conscience, leaving a trail of death, destruction, broken hearts and destroyed truthtards  in her wake.


If you encounter Ms Riskin be very careful, don’t be taken in by her beauty, she’ll cut your fucking head off and shit down your neck before you can say “Holocaust”.


5 thoughts on “Is this the most evil woman on the Internet?

  1. Lies all lies. The editor of this page is a faggot.


  2. You Julia is perfectly pleasant and rational. This is a made of shite made up by dumb holocaust denying racists who are sad because they cant win the debate..:)


  3. Julio jalapeño

    Posterior View pic please. Close-up and well-lit not just displayed but presented
    I need to kiss some evil.


  4. Hillary and she must be sisters.


  5. She’s a fucking mongoloid too, pays on the fact that those who spawned her are Askenazi Joos.


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