CHEMTRAILS: The skies weren’t like this when I was young.

We can all remember looking at the sky when we were young, examining them, documenting them, categorising them, obsessing over them so we’d remember them when we were older in case they changed.. We’d see contrails and clouds of all shapes and sizes. Where I lived I might not see a blue sky for weeks, even months. But these day’s our skies have changed dramatically and I believe secret societies like the NWO, Illuminati the Freemasons, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg are up to something very sinister indeed.


Our top reporter (me) took this photo today. My stomach was turning looking at it, wondering what the hell the secret societies were up too. I couldn’t smell the metals in the air nor could I see the contrails or clouds I had been so used to seeing when I was younger. I began feeling nauseous. But as a professional activist and top reporter I had to keep my cool and keep investigating this genocide.


my photograph


Willie Balls from Idaho (America) sent us in this image of his skies that weren’t like that when he was young. Mr Balls has been calling local radio stations and newspapers to complain about the sky but no one would take him seriously, it’s like they’re all blind to what’s dangling in their faces or they are part of the cover up.


balls photograph


Emily Dicksmasher from Bareback Creek South Bottombreak Ridge Mississippi sent us this photograph today. As you can see the sky is completely void of and contrails or clouds. Mrs Dicksmasher had complained that a helicopter had been circulating he neighborhood as soon as she started taking photographs of the sky. This was an obvious attempt to intimidate her.

Dicksmasher is unsure what those black lines in the foreground are but believes they are probably holographic streams connected to a nearby HAARP installation.


dicksmashers photo


People are waking up globally. Millions of awake sky-watchers are sending us in photos of cloudless, contrail-less clear blue skies.  Everyone knows something stinks in Denver and the skies aint right.

We don’t know whats going on but it’s probably a globalist 21 agenda as written on the Georgia guidestones. The people who built the pyramids knew something was up and 19 men with boxcutters didn’t make them holographic jets crash.

Write to your local representatives and make your vote count. Don’t watch tv or drink fluoride and keep your pineal gland un-calcifiedand and for the love of Allah don’t get vaccinated.


Adam Shillings

Conspiracy Chronicle





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