PROOF :Brussels Airport Bombing was a “False Flag”

Truthers have once again cracked the case. When news of the Brussells airport bombings hit mainstream media (which truthers don’t watch because it’s not trustworthy,) truthers knew within seconds that it was a false flag.

Alba Berlin v Dexia Mons-Hainaut - Eurocup RS Game Day 5

(legs way too long)



We asked one truther (Peter Truther 36 with over 1 million truth posts on facebook) what gave the game away? How did you come to your conclusions so quickly and how could you be so sure?

Peter said that “the man in the photo (above) legs were too long and that he MUST be an crisis actor”.

We asked Peter Truther “is it not possible the man is just tall or the camera perspective giving the appearance of long legs?”

Peter Truther said “no way, he’s definitely a crisis actor and the blood doesnt look real.”

Peter went on to explain that everything that ever happens is a false flag, that bad things don’t happen normally, it’s always a government, illuminati, freemason collaboration with the NWO and Bilderbergers and other secret societies.

Who are we to argue with a truther, they never been wrong before.


EDIT:  It’s since some to light that the long legged man is a 6-foot-10 professional basketball player Sebastien Bellin. This explains his rather long legs.



Sebastien Bellin, a European professional basketball player, was among those wounded during the terror attacks in Brussels.

Bellin, 37, was thrown from the blasts inside  Zaventem international airport on Tuesday and taken to a nearby hospital where he would undergo surgery.

The 6-foot-10 center returned to Belgium shortly after college to begin a successful professional basketball career. Bellin now works with Keemotion and frequently travels between Belgium and western Michigan, where his wife and two children live.

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Peter Truther still insists it was a false flag though, even though his one piece of evidence has been destroyed. “Call it a Truther Hunch” he said.


4 thoughts on “PROOF :Brussels Airport Bombing was a “False Flag”

  1. peters a fucking arsehole , now thats the truth


  2. I have no doubt it was a false flag, but you should do propper research before posting things. That man is a BASKETBALL PLAYER called Sebastien Bellin and he is more than 2 meters tall


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