Just How Stupid is the NWO?

Just how stupid are these nefarious secret society goons? Truthers are hardly the brightest bunch of people so if even they can realise the mistakes made by the NWO then the NWO must be pretty fucking stupid indeed.



Let’s examine just why and just how stupid the NWO are.


  • George Bush. Bush senior who is obviously a top NWO skull and bones guy delivered a speech where he told the world of his secret plans to create a New World Order.

That was a pretty dumb thing to do. If he kept his mouth shut the truthers wouldn’t have awoken to the devious NWO agenda. He thinks he’s dealing with amateurs.


  • Crisis actors. Why do the NWO keep using the same few crisis actors over and over again in their false flag events?.

You would think that given the financial resources of these NWO wealthy thugs that they would use different actors for different false flag events, but no, they keep using the girl from the Sandy Hook show who is probably more widely recognised around the world than Hilary Clinton. Pretty fucking dumb to keep using the same crisis actors.


  • Drills. The NWO keep running drills before every false flag event?

Truthers realised soon after 9/11 that whenever there is a drill, anywhere, the NWO are planning something big. Drills are a dead give away. It’s pretty damn stupid that they keep doing it.


  • Fake blood. The NWO keep using fake blood at their false flag events.

The NWO, the biggest, most powerful, resourceful and evil gang of thugs on Earth seem incapable of acquiring actual blood. There must be thousands of places where the NWO goons could get a few pints of real blood, but no, they keep using vampire blood from the local joke shop. Pretty fucking stupid again. Don’t they know the truthers are watching their every move.


  • Patents. The NWO publish all the patents of all their evil inventions on the internet.

Call me a little naive, but isnt it a little bit stupid of the NWO to go through the traditional route of applying for a patent and eventually have it appear online for the truthers to find? I mean come on NWO, get with the freaking program.



  • No dead bodies. The NWO never show the mutilated bodies of victims of their false flag events.

You would think that if the NWO were trying to convince the world that their false flag event actually occurred that they would display the mutilated bodies, everyone would be horrified and convinced it was a real event which is the NWO agenda after all. But truthers are all to aware that if there are no mutilated bodies broadcast on TV, it a 100% false flag. This is probably the stupidest mistake the NWO repeatedly make.


  • Bad props. The NWO keep using the same shit special effects crew.

At every false flag event, the NWO crisis actors injuries always look fake, like the fake legs being too long or people who were supposed to be blasted by bombs with their clothes shredded etc..  I mean lol, get some decent special effects guys in to make that shit look convincing, truthers are awake like.


There are probably millions more reasons why the NWO are STUPID. If you can think of any please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the article if it’s stupid enough.


One thought on “Just How Stupid is the NWO?

  1. Despite being in control of media around the world, the NWO continues to allow the truthers to expose all the NWO activities online.


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