Flat Earth Experiment Ends in Tragedy

A man attempting to prove that the Earth is flat has died today in a daring experiment in Nevada USA.

fe exp.png

Jack Flatburn (32) from Nevada state was a firm believer that NASA and the freemasons were lying about the shape of our planet. In a daring experiment ‘Flatburn’ intended to prove his  theory and had tied himself  to a rather powerful homemade rocket using a short rope in an attempt to photograph the flat Earth from an expected 164 kilometers above Earths surface.

Flatburn who was also an avid facebook activist exposing NASA and the freemasons only reached an altitude of roughly 9 meters above Earths surface and didn’t manage to take any photo’s of flat Earth during his journey.



Flatburns remains..

Flatburns facebook friends were extremely upset by the results of the experiment and the loss of one of their most learned, brave and knowledgeable activists but remain defiant and have said that despite this terrible loss they will continue to find ways to expose NASA and the freemasons at any cost, perhaps using a longer rope next time.

Adam Shillings

Conspiracy Cronicles


5 thoughts on “Flat Earth Experiment Ends in Tragedy

  1. I think it was a conspiracy by NASA to stop him from getting the proof we need to bury nasa and their lies for good!!! This was a sound plan by a well respected flat earth researcher that was clearly sabotaged by nasa spies!!

    We will be victorious in our edforts to PROVE FLAT EARTH!!!


  2. I love lamp.


  3. This is better than the Onion.


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